What Is Golden Paste?

Golden paste is more than just your daily dose of turmeric, it’s a revolutionary method of taking turmeric that combines the best of traditional medicine and modern science. Poultices and emulsions of turmeric have been used for thousands of years in various forms, but golden paste as it’s formulated today is a relatively recent invention.

Popularized by Doug English, an Australian vet, the modern day Golden Paste recipe generally calls for turmeric powder, black pepper and coconut oil which is combined with water then slowly reduced on a stove top. This leaves a creamy golden emulsion which can be added to smoothies, dissolved in milk, fed to animals or applied topically on the skin. See our no-fail golden paste recipe made usingĀ  organic turmeric powder here.

A traditional turmeric and milk drink, haldi doodh, has been used by Indian housewives for thousands of years to support their general health and wellbeing. The recipe usually calls for turmeric to be heated in milk and then ghee (clarified butter) and black pepper are added.

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years as a therapeutic spice in India and Southeast Asia, where it has more than 53 recognised names in the Sanskrit language. Some of these include haridra (dear to God), jawarantika (that which cures fevers) and ratrimanika (as beautiful as moonlist). The botanical name of turmeric is Curcuma longa, and although we are familiar with the golden and orange varieties, there are also white forms of turmeric. The pigment which gives turmeric and golden paste its colour is called curcumin (diferuloylmethane), and often this is extracted and used alone in clinical research. By weight, yellow or orange turmeric powder contains between 3.5-5% naturally occuring curcumin.

We recommend using organic turmeric powder to create the best golden paste, as organically grown plant materials are much denser in active molecules like curcumin. We recommend Therapeia Australia’s turmeric powder as they are the only company to do independent testing on every batch, ensuring that their products are free from pesticide residue and heavy metals such as mercury. Check out their website by clicking on the link below.

Organic Turmeric.png

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