Top 10 Benefits of Golden Paste

Golden paste has so many benefits it was difficult to choose just ten, but we endeavored! If you’re curious what golden paste is, check out our recipe and our article Turmeric vs. Golden Paste.

1. Golden paste is one of the easiest ways to take a large, therapeutic level dose of whole food turmeric without resorting to capsules or extracts.

2. Golden paste usually contains coconut oil and black pepper, two substances which may improve the absorption of the curcumin (and the hundreds of other active compounds) found within the turmeric powder.

3. Golden paste (made without black pepper) is easy and safe to apply externally, making it an ideal way to use turmeric on wounds, painful joints and skin conditions.

4. Golden paste can be made in large batches and stored for weeks in the fridge, or in the freezer for months.

5. Golden paste is easily added to smoothies, curries and salad dressings.

6. Golden paste can be a wonderful way to give turmeric to your pets.

7. Golden paste is directly anti-inflammatory. Curcumin is known to be a COX-2 enzyme inhibitor, decrease the amount of inflammatory prostaglandins that are produced. This is a similar mechanism of action to ibuprofen and some other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories.

8. Golden paste is probably antimicrobial. Curcumin has been investigated for its antimicrobial activities against bacteria, fungi and viruses in many in vitro (in cultures or samples, not in humans) scientific trials. It also has a long history of traditional use as an antimicrobial agent as part of food preparation or for food poisoning, although these uses have not been substantiated by modern research. Curcumin has been investigated and found to be succesful as part of antimicrobial wound dressings.

9. Golden paste is probably DNA stabilising. One of the reasons why turmeric is often hyped as a superfood in the fight against cancer is that it has an anti-mutagenic effect on DNA, which can help prevent the unregulated cell growth that leads to cancer. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that curcumin, turmeric or golden paste can help human cancer patients reverse their tumors, although it may help improve their quality of life.

10. Golden paste is a potent source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Curcumin itself is a powerful antioxidant, and naturally occurs at around 3% by weight in turmeric powder, the main ingredient in golden paste. Other antioxidant components in golden paste include polyphenols, monoterpene essential oils, flavonoids and a small amount of tannins. Turmeric powder is also a reasonably good source of Manganese and Iron, and it contains a small amount of vitamins B3, B6 and C.

As always, please use organic turmeric powder to make your golden paste. Non-organic turmeric powder is liable to contamination, adulteration, may be irradiated upon entry to Australia and is often stale. Buy your turmeric from a company you trust. We recommend Therapeia Australia’s turmeric powder for making golden paste as they sell Australian Certified Organic turmeric and independently test each batch for contaminants. Buy their turmeric powder here.

Organic Turmeric.png


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