The Healing Power of Turmeric: Personal Experiences

The Value of Experience

We often read about the wonderful healing effects of turmeric and what it can do for you. Whether it is an evidence based peer reviewed journal article or a blog post from someone who has encountered the magic of this golden spice, there is no doubt that turmeric has an impressive record for healing, especially through reducing inflammation.

But what about our personal experiences? There is the old saying “the proof of the pudding is in the tasting”. If you want to know something, the best way is to experience it. You could even argue that unless you have experienced something, you really only know it in theory. Our experiences are what motivate us to change and give us clarity well beyond simply gaining knowledge through information and content. How many times have you seen a successful person who had an experience which motivated them to help others and share their experience with the world? We hear about the success stories of celebrities and CEOs often, but all of our stories and all of our little successes are so valuable. This is the real evidence base.

Imagine for a moment that you could take all of the experiences that people around the world have had with turmeric in relation to their pain or illness and scientifically quantify the results (pain scores, blood tests, imaging scans, etc). The evidence base for turmeric would be incredible, because we know from so many of our friends and family, just how powerful this herb is and we have seen the results. While it is always fun to imagine, here is a personal experience that I’ve had with turmeric. Perhaps my experience will give you ideas to pass on to others or use in your own life.

A Gut Reaction

We always keep a bottle of turmeric capsules around the house. Actually, we usually keep a few bottles in different parts of the house for convenience. On this particular occasion, we had just started serving out our dinner and were getting ready to relax for the evening. It had been a while since our last meal and because of my constitution (skinny with a strong digestion/metabolism), my stomach was starting to cramp. Every now and then, it gets really bad if I don’t eat something to appease my unforgiving digestive gripes, so when the empty churning starts, I listen. In truth, if I don’t catch it before it gets too bad, even food won’t stop the pain. But this time was different.

The pain in my stomach escalated very quickly, which was not normal for me. The pain became so intense that within a couple of minutes I couldn’t actually walk. You might be thinking “Well clearly that is an exaggeration” but I can honestly say, it was that bad. The slightest movement sent excruciating sharp pain throughout my abdomen. Think of gas pain that is hooked up to an electrical torture device and some madman has turned the dial to 11.

Although I am a qualified Naturopath (BHSc) now, back then I hadn’t started studying. However, I have a mum with an relentless passion for health so I knew a few things about it – especially turmeric. In any case, I immediately begged my wife to get the turmeric capsules from the kitchen cupboard. She quickly opened the bottle and gave me 2 capsules. Knowing that the capsules would take too long to break down and allow the turmeric to exert its effects, I asked her to empty the turmeric in some soy milk and mix it thoroughly. Down the hatch. I sat there hoping something would happen and secretly expecting a miracle. The miracle happened approximately 2 minutes later. The pain stopped. Instantly. Like turning off a light switch. I was quite shocked, as I expected the pain to gradually subside with perhaps a few pockets of pain here and there. Nope. Complete pain relief. It was as if lightning had incinerated the invaders in my gut, leaving only silence and peace. This was one of those moments when you really start to understand the power of something from experience. Turmeric has some amazing applications, and it seems griping pains is one of them. You might be wondering if I added black pepper or some oil to the turmeric. In this case, I took the turmeric by itself in soymilk since it was not about absorbing the turmeric but rather its anti-microbial and anti-nociceptive properties.

Have you had an experience with turmeric that you would like to share? We’d love to hear your stories and invite you to share your experiences in the comments section below.

Wishing you well,

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